The Up Relationship Team exists to help the congregation grow stronger in its connection to God through Jesus Christ.  Our hope is that through both individual and corporate experiences followers of Jesus will be continually transformed into his image.

What Are We Working On?
  • A Self-Guided Inventory to help individuals identify areas in their life that are opportunities for growth.  The information we receive from this inventory will assist us in planning future events and emphases.
  • Enneagrams – Discover who God has created you to be, the personality traits God has entrusted to you, how to relate to people with similar and different personality strengths, and how your personality type impacts your relationship with God.
  • Experiencing God – A 6-week study on knowing and doing the will of God, listening for God’s voice, identifying where God is working in the world, accepting God’s invitation to join in that work, and obediently submitting to God.  Starting date is April 24.
  • One-Time Events – Understanding that time and scheduling constraints often make it difficult for people to participate in on-going studies, we are planning one-time events that help us grow in our relationship with God involving our head, hearts, and hands:
  • Conversation Circles – An opportunity to “listen in” on a conversation between 2-3 individuals on a particular biblical topic.  Participants will have an opportunity to join the conversation with questions and comments. Our hope is that this experience will help us have a better understanding of biblical texts and concepts, increase our participation in spiritual practices, and create a desire for deeper study.  Possible topics include: Prayer – does it make a difference?  Worship – what helps me respond to God?  What does the Bible mean when it says……?
  • Panel Discussions – An opportunity to hear from people outside our congregation discuss different viewpoints on a subject that impacts how we express our love for God and people.  Our hope is that this experience will challenge and help clarify our own understanding of how we live as follower of Jesus Christ in our world.
  • Floating Groups – After each conversation circle and panel discussion an opportunity to participate in a “floating” group.  A floating group is not a permanent group.  It  meets for only a few sessions after one of events mentioned above and provides an opportunity to go deeper in that topic.  These groups are designed to be part of our Sunday morning schedule.  Participants may “float” in and out of them returning to their own Bible study group at any time.
  • Targeted Topics – This one-time presentation is targeted to specific groups.  For example, Senior adults and a theology of aging; How to talk to your children/grandchildren about God; What does the Bible say about…., etc.
  •  Story Time -  Why wait until someone’s funeral to learn about their life?  Story Time provides an opportunity for an individual to tell their story with an emphasis on specific events that shaped their lives and walk with God.  When we hear someone’s story we are often challenged to know and serve God on a deeper level.
  • Personal and Corporate Worship – What enables us to best respond to what God has done and what God is calling us to do?  It is different for all of us.  What opportunities does our congregation need?
  • Journeys and Pilgrimages – Getting out of our comfort zones and expanding our world view creates opportunities for spiritual growth beyond absorbing information.  This is where true transformation is jumpstarted.  In March 2023, our pastor is leading a spiritual pilgrimage to Israel.  Possible journeys include a Civil Rights Tour, Holocaust Museum in Washington, Hunger and Homelessness, and Spiritual Retreats.
  • Devotional Materials – Throughout the Christian year special events provide opportunities for us to focus on a particular aspect of our faith.  In the past we have concentrated on Advent and Lent.  What about other times such as Pentecost?
  • Expanded Formats - Not everyone grows in their relationship with Christ through the same means.  Digital media opens additional opportunities for us to connect to Christ.  We are investigating how we might use podcasts and other avenues.