The MV Out Team’s goal is to encourage and equip MV to develop an OUT attitude.

What does that mean? 
It is an understanding that each of us have been called to reach out to family, friends, coworkers, the community (locally, across the country, and internationally), etc. We each have a responsibility and hopefully a goal to be involved in how God is working.  The MV Out team will help identify opportunities for outreach and assist in equipping our congregation to effectively connect with those we encounter. The Out team hopes that these opportunities will encompass both physical, financial and spiritual involvement which provide everyone a chance to participate.

Some examples are:
1. Continue to plan and provide a mobile food pantry to the community at least three times a year (Next date is August 13). This gives those who can give financially an opportunity to reach out and those who want to have a more physical/hands on approach a chance to participate.
2. The MV Out team is also planning an emphasis called MV Cares which will be an opportunity to give during the month of May through “Dollars in the Pew.” These resources will be utilized to purchase gift cards to local grocery stores and/or gas stations. Then we encourage teams (5-6 members) to schedule a time to take these cards and allow God to lead them to share with others in our community. It is just a reminder that they are loved by God and that they are cared for. Team members would then be asked to share their experience.
3.  The MV Out team would like to invite about 5-6 people to come at 8:30am during SonRise drop off to offer doughnuts and water and again at 1:30pm on Monday and Tuesday May 9 and 10 to hand out a free CFA kid’s meal to parents/grandparents in the pick-up line and simply share our appreciation for them sharing the opportunity to minister to them and their children as part of a SonRise Share day.
4.  The MV Out team is also making effort to strengthen relationships with local community members and our church vendors by simply providing a small act of kindness such as breakfast, treats, cards, etc. to demonstrate our appreciation.

This OUT attitude extends to all areas of MVBC including adults, students, and children. One example is VBS and its opportunity to involve all individuals in reaching out. This year on June 11 and 12, VBS has a strong emphasis on families and the opportunity for us to minister to the children and their families by including both as part of the weekend activities.   These are just a few upcoming Out focused emphasis areas.

In addition, we are hoping to continue to highlight areas of ministry through the “Dollar in the Pew” and to continue to support currently established ministry partners. One of which is our commitment to Family Promise as they seek to transition back to hosting families in area churches. MVBC will need to assess the availability – of volunteers and establish a leader for this partnership. In each of these areas, we hope to provide a path for every individual to get involved. The Out team also plans to provide learning opportunities for each of us to be better equipped for everyday evangelism. Everyday evangelism is simply understanding that each encounter we have daily is an opportunity to share the love of Jesus and each of us can be better prepared for those encounters.