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Monte Vista Students


Student Ministry is a lot of things: (for instance) mission activities, water balloons, summer camp, bible studies, pool parties, small groups, school events, and food. Some of these things are foundational and significant while others aren’t. Now we say this not to say that Jesus doesn’t love pool parties, he does, but the more difficult stuff of faith is to believe that even in the face of questions without answers and situations without resolutions that Jesus is still there holding those moments together as well. In short, we’re attempting to figure out what it means to follow the way of Jesus, as we seek to discover together who we are, who he is, and where we’re all heading.


 Our mission is to journey with students as they answer three core questions: Who am I? Who is Jesus?What does it mean to be the Church? We believe that any conversation about life and faith must address

these three questions if it seeks to be of substance to the lives of students.



MVS is working to accomplish this mission by forming students into people who are becoming:


Relational: Philippians 2:5 In your relationships with one another, have the same mindset as Christ Jesus. As we come together as a community, we seek to relate to one another in love, seeking to understand each other and to encourage each other in a Christ centered environment.


Rooted: COLOSSIANS 2:6-8 Any action we undertake as a community must be rooted in a thoughtful and reflective treatment of the Biblical text. And in so doing, we are seeking to create a spirit of openness, dialogue, and inquiry that is always seeking to become “rooted and built up in him (Jesus).”


Reflective: 2 Timothy 2:7 (Paul to Timothy) Reflect on what I am saying, for the Lord will give you insight into all of this. As a community we seek to reflect on the word of God and are willing to ask questions and trust God with the answers when they aren’t easily found.

Young Adults

One minute we’re packing our lunchbox for the first time and our parents are taking our picture as we head off to school, and the next we’re packing our bags for the first time and moving into a new dorm or apartment. For some of us we’ve lived in the same place for so long that everyone but us seems to think we’re still “his or her little girl”. For others of us the promise of freedom, adulthood, and boundless optimism that accompanies transition lasted right up until we had to return to our parents’ basement.


Becoming an adult is difficult, and doesn’t come with a clearly marked out path anymore. So, whether you’re in your first semester of college or are staving off adulthood with really nothing more than denial…you aren’t alone.


 MVBC is here to support and encourage you as you navigate this new chapter in your story.


Worship Schedule


9:15 am - Bible Study

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Monte Vista Baptist Church


1735 Old Niles Ferry Rd

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(865) 982-6070



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