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Senior Pastor, Jerry Mantooth, recommends the following books:



Doing something with my life


Irresistible Revolution: by Shane Claiborne; (A challenging book on taking seriously what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ.)


Just Courage: God’s Great Expedition for the Restless Christian – by Gary Haugen; (Unsettled and wondering if ‘there must be more to the Christian life than this,’ Haugen, who is president of the International Justice Mission, found the answer in being involved in justice issues.)


The Hole in Our Gospel: by Richard Stearns; (Sterns asks the question – What does God expect of us? Is it more than just going to church or studying the Bible?  His journey led him to create World Vision.)


Red Letter Christians: A Citizen’s Guide to Faith and Politics – by Tony Compolo; (Compolo provides a powerful biblical response to political and hot button issues.)



The relationships I am building


TrueFaced: Trust God and Others with Who You Really Are – by Bill Thrall, Bruce McNicol, and John Lynch; (How to take off our masks and be real with people and God in order to build honest and fulfilling relationships.)


Making Room for Life: by Randy Frazee; (In a busy life, the author shares his story about slowing down and living in community.)


A Mile in My Shoes: Cultivating Compassion  – by Trevor Hudson; (Hudson, a pastor in South Africa, describes how bridges were built between groups that were alienated from one another when they began to experience each other’s world.)



Understanding transitions that are taking place in the church and future generations


(These books are good for understanding generational differences, shifts in thinking, and how people are responding to the church and Jesus Christ.)


Emerging Worship: by Dan Kimball


A New Kind of Christianity: 10 Questions that are Transforming the Faith – by Brian McLaren


They Like Jesus but Not the Church: by Dan Kimball


Reaching People Under 40 While Keeping People Over 60: by Edward Hammett



The importance of prayer


 Too Busy Not to Pray: by Bill Hybels (This is a practical and easy to read book on incorporating prayer into our daily life.)



Other books recommended by our staff:


How (not) to Speak of God: by Peter Rollins


Velvet Elvis: Rob Bell


Surprised by Hope: NT Wright


Simply Christian: NT Wright


Walking the Bible: Bruce Feiler


Bible Made Impossible: Christian Smith


Recovering the Scandal of the Cross: Mark Baker-Wright and Joel Green


A New Kind of Christian: Brian McLaren


The Last Word and the Word After That: Brian McLaren


The Sabbath: Abraham Joshua Heschel


The Forgotten Ways: Alan Hirsch



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