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Our Beliefs

Identity, Mission, & Vision


Core Values | Essential Beliefs




Identity answers – “Whom has God called together and what is the uniqueness of this group?” Identity offers a picture of who we are, not who we are trying to be. The history and life of Monte Vista tells us that God has created us as a people of faithfulness and freedom. These core elements shape our identity and are visible in our commitment to:


  • Connect – The church is a family where all people and ideas are treated with respect no matter how we differ.
  • Serve – We are called to serve whomever, however, and wherever God provides an opportunity.
  • Grow – We are dedicated to cultivating a lifelong transformational relationship with God as revealed in Jesus Christ.
  • Embody Baptist Values – The priesthood of the believer, the authority of the Bible, the competency of the soul, the autonomy of the local church, the separation of church and state.




Mission answers – “Why do we exist? Who do we exist to serve?” Our mission is to “Help people become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.”




Vision answers – “Where is God leading us?” Our vision is to be a church:


  • Where the Gospel is shared with all people
  • Where broken hearts are healed
  • Where people are set free from legalism
  • Where restoration is offered to the fallen
  • Where people are empowered for ministry
  • Where joy overcomes despair
  • Where holy living is the norm instead of the exception


Without an identity, we are left with a mission and vision which could be any church. Our identity is what makes us different from other congregations and it impacts how we live out our mission and vision in a unique way.




Worship Schedule


9:15 am - Bible Study

10:30 am - Worship

        10:30 am - Children's Worship



Monte Vista Baptist Church


1735 Old Niles Ferry Rd

Maryville, TN 37803

(865) 982-6070



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