Letter from our Pastor

Dear Church Family,

As we try to navigate through all the ways COVID-19 is impacting the reopening of our church, we want to hear from you. Currently we offer two worship services on Sunday morning.

At both services:
· One door designated for entering and another for exiting.
· Masks are required (available at the door)
· Hand sanitizer is available.
· The pews are marked off for the purpose of social distancing.
· The room is wiped down before each service.
· Activities in the service that require being in close proximity with one another 
(such as passing the offering plate) are modified to maintain distancing.
· Designated restrooms are open for single occupancy. We ask that people wipe down the furnishings with each use.
· Worship is streamed on our webpage, mobile app, Facebook, and YouTube.

The information we receive from you will be added to the input from the staff, our Medical Task Force, and Leadership Council. Final decisions on how and when we reopen will be made by the Leadership Council.

Please complete the form and return it to the church office by August 7. It is available ont the website by clicking here.

Thank you for your participation,

Our Medical Task Force consists of Dr. Tommy Spears, Dr. Gary Vines, and Dr. Angie Wood.

The Leadership Council Consists of Chairs of Committees and Councils, Trustees, Moderator, Chair of the Deacons, and the Staff:

Congregational Life Council - DeVonda Hall and K.C. Fish
Evangelism Council - Joe Ann Wilkinson
Missions Council - Sue Ann Barker
Spiritual Formation Council - Christy Vines
Worship Council - Lisa Rimmel
Hospitality Resources Committee - Joyce Garmeson
Ministry Placement Committee - Ann Wilson
Personnel Committee - Bill Willhite
Properties Committee- David Wilson
Stewardship Committee- Roger McGee
Deacons - Gary Vines
Moderator & Chair of Trustees - Sue Wyatt
Trustees: Mike Dalton, Jerry King, Steve Rutherford