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Life Groups

Life GroupsA Life Group is an opportunity to experience an adventure in spiritual growth through real and deeply connected relationships.  Each group comes together on a regular basis to support one another as they grow in their relationship to Jesus Christ.  It is a place where you can belong, make some real friends, share your joys and sorrows, ask the questions you always wanted to ask about your faith and where you can discover God’s plan and purpose to your life.  It is a place where it is ok to be real, to laugh, to love, to celebrate and to care for one another and journey together.


Location and Time:


Each group determines when and where they meet.  Some meet at the church, some meet in homes or other places that are convenient for group members.

Groups typically meet for 1 1/2 – 2 hours, weekly or bi-weekly.


How They Work:


Each group is “self-governed”.  It is expected that within the first month of a small group’s existence that it will write a covenant summarizing the group’s expectations of the individual members.  This document will support the basic values of confidentiality, safety, honesty, openness, prayer, availability, and affirmation.  Feel free to share or pray as you feel comfortable.  No one in a Journey Group should ever feel pressured to say or do anything that feels like coercion.  Move at your own pace as you feel led.


How Do I Get Started?


Please contact the church office at 865-982-6070, or email


Worship Schedule


9:15 am - Bible Study

10:30 am - Worship

        10:30 am - Children's Worship



Monte Vista Baptist Church


1735 Old Niles Ferry Rd

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(865) 982-6070



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